Logistics Consultant

In Today’s world, everyone knows the importance of International Purchasing. Most of the countries in the world have a business relationship due to the diverse distribution of factors of production in different regions. Establishing these relationships requires familiarization with the stages of the arrival of goods, the supply of goods, familiarity with the terms of payment, the unified form of credit documents, the opening of credit, the types of transport insurance, inspection of goods, documents, bill of lading, baling, inspection certificate and clearance procedures And the topics of import and export of your goods and marketing and design and development.
With the presence of experienced experts and experienced personnel and professional personnel, using the latest strategic information, this company specialize in all customs and commercial matters such as export, import, tariffs, regulations, regulations. The company is also proud to facilitate the business of its customers in the areas of transit and road transportation, Strip, Stuffing, customs affairs and release, import and export, order registration and licensing requirements, international purchases and obtaining agents.