International Maritime Transport

The International Maritime Transport is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. The present value is roughly 6 billion tons of goods that almost one third of its oil and one third is dry bulk goods while the remaining is non-bulk commodities.
According to obtain such a percentage of the exchange of goods in world trade, the importance of trade and maritime transport can be examined as two integral part. Globalization is making the world smaller and interconnected its member, so that each investment in one part of the world can create a job or vice versa. It seems to be that providing efficient services in maritime transportation is a key and effective factor for conducting successful international trade. Efficient transportation will definitely increase international trade.


  • Maritime transportation is the cheapest way of transporting large amounts of goods compared to other transport methods. Thus, the owner of the goods and commercial companies prefer to transport their goods by sea. It can be said that the largest volume of trade and transportation takes place through the sea.
  • The carriage rate is fixed. Since the carriage rate is determined by major provider of transportation and almost the fixed rate that they necessary to observe it.
  • Transport of high-volume goods; the present mode of transportation allows transported cargo from one port to another through the sea with relatively heavy loads up to 200 to 500 thousand tons.
  • Another advantage is that the reliability and safety of transportation through the sea is high because those who carry the goods are obliged to comply with international standards and laws, and the buyer and seller must observed incoterms. This method is almost safe and the goods and the crew will not be harmed.


the only disadvantages of transportation cargo through the sea is the time of goods delivery, but the drawback is a longer transit time in compare with air and land transport , if the time is important for you, this method is not recommended.