The addition of ethylene chloride

According to the circular directive No. 245/95/125945 dated 2016/08/02, referred to in releasing of fifteen items of oil and gas liquid cargo from conditions that inserted in directive of modify and improve import, export , transit and exchange Petroleum , Natural-gas condensate and product and oil derivatives , in accordance with circular No. c/97/12301 dated 2018/09/17 , Headquarters for Anti-Goods and Currency Smuggling together with circular No.149230 dated 2018/09/15 , shall be sent and informed to Headquarters for Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran; In addition to 15 item raw referred to in circular directive, Diethylene chloride (in pure form), Ethyl and Methyl acetate (in pure form) are also part of the chemical and industrial substances covered by Article 27 of the above guidelines. Therefore, at the time of Performing issuance of mentioned goods formalities (out of inserted criteria in the instructions that mentioned above), it is necessary to send the sample of goods to determine the type and nature of the consignment to the approved standardized laboratories of the Standard Office and in the case of confirmation of the nature and conformity of the result, with Declaration of Conformity, taking into account all relevant rules and regulations.