Achievements & honors

The company has begun its activities in close cooperation with large companies such as Mapna Pars Generator Co, Mega Motor, Zarrin Moj system, mehvarsazan, exported Bitumen to the African countries and Far East and Carrying livestock from Europe to Iran.

  • release of the goods in all of authorized customs using experienced broker (employee)
  • Ability to receive carriage in Europe
  • This contract is concluded between Arian Tarabar and Global Company in the field of international transportation.

The greatest achievement of the company is to become reliable and best partner for traders and producing units that lead the Key Industries in the field of international freight logistics services , import – export customs affairs , foreign purchases brokerage and consulting in order to take a part of responsibility that place a heavy burden on this country's economy.
Obtaining knowledge organization and performing bill of lading and drawing up document in order to deliver goods from origin to destination as soon as possible.